PAIR distinguished lecture series : how to get high quality experimental data for hot stamping?

The lecture commenced with a welcome speech and speaker introduction by Ir Prof. MAN Hau-chung, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Director of the Research Institute for Advanced Manufacturing (RIAM). In Prof. Lin presentation, he primarily indicated the increasing global requirements for reducing energy use and carbon dioxide emission of transportation vehicles, lightweight passenger cars have become an inevitable trend. Ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) can save the production cost of vehicles, improve productivity and car performance. Next, he introduced the “HFQ®-Technology” developed by his team in recent years that has enabled high strength alloys to be stamped into complex-shaped automotive components. He outlined the use of thermomechanical experimental tests for generating high quality data for modelling, and the use of spatio-temporal method for determining necking and fracture strains of sheet metals. He also explained the computational steps for evaluating the formability of sheet metals under hot stamping. To conclude, Prof. Lin emphasised that improvements in experimental sciences, technologies and standardised testing are important for supporting the development of new materials processing technologies.
Event date: 09/04/2024
Speaker: Prof. LIN Jianguo (Imperial College London)
Hosted by: PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research

  • 1:11:19