PAIR distinguished lecture series : battery fast charging for sustainable electrification

Smaller, faster-charging batteries are the answer for affordable and sustainable electric vehicles (EVs) for everyone, everywhere. The ability to quickly refill energy is profoundly important in order to reduce EV cost and demand for critical minerals. In this talk I will present asymmetric temperature modulation (ATM) approach to enabling 10-minute fast charging of energy-dense Li-ion batteries in any temperatures (even at -60°C) while still delivering remarkable cycle life. Recent disastrous events at EV charging stations caused by an arctic blast in Chicago will be given as an example of the dire need for quick energy refill in the extreme cold. Battery fast charging must also work in hot summers along with high-temperature stability of cycling and storage. We shall present novel thermal management concepts for extreme fast charging in both extreme cold and hot conditions. Overall, our development points to a new paradigm of battery design and thermal management without having to trade-off among fast charge, safety, lifetime, and cost.
Event date: 27/02/2024
Speaker: Prof. WANG Chao-Yang
Hosted by: PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research

  • 1:22:54