Arduino Tutorial 1: Getting Started with the Arduino for Beginners

Guys, our original series on the Arduino Microcontroller was insanely popular. Those original lessons had some great technical content, but the production quality of the videos was pretty low. Because of that, I want to go in and redo the arduino tutorials, taking advantage of improved production capabilities I now have, and using fresh hardware and software. For those who have taken the original series, the first few lessons will be material you already have learned. You can choose to review the material, or just skip to the later lessons. In this new series of lessons, I will be using this Arduino kit. So, enough of this small talk, lets get right into the new and improved lessons.

There is a hot topic: "Internet of Things (IoT)".Ardunio is an amazing digital processor for IoT. This website is amazing to a beginner, which provides detailed video tutorials, coding information, and necessary skills. The whole course is extremely vivid and easy to understand, even you are a layman!