PAIR distinguished lecture series: biomanufacturing of functional tissues and organs: exploration and progress

The lecture commenced with a warm welcome address by Prof. CHEN Qingyan, Director of PAIR, followed by a brief speaker introduction by Prof. WANG Zuankai, Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU. In his presentation, Prof. Yang highlighted that urgent need for tissue/organ biomanufacturing owing to the shortage of donation for organ transplantation. He pointed out some challenges in the in vitro manufacturing of tissues/organs, particularly in relation to accurate design, precise fabrication, and functional induction, which underscore the imperative need for new methods for tissue/organ manufacturing. Next, Prof. Yang outlined the development roadmap of biomanufacturing and shared specific examples demonstrating the research progress in 3D bioprinting. In concluding his presentation, Prof. Yang shared his insights on the future direction for biomanufacturing, as well as some significant accomplishments by him and his team at Zhejiang University in the field.
A question-and-answer session moderated by Prof. Wang was followed. Both the online and on-site audience had a fruitful discussion with Prof. Yang.
Even date: 2/1/2024
Speaker: Prof. Huayong Yang (Zhejiang University)
Moderator: Prof. Zuankai Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Hosted by: PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research