DigitalSreeni Youtube Channel

This channel walks you through the entire process of learning to code in Python; all the way from basics to advanced machine learning and deep learning. The primary emphasis will be on image processing and other relevant functionality. Why did I create this channel? To help you (students and researchers) gain a new skill and succeed in your respective fields.
You may think coding is hard and that it's not your cup of tea, but Python made it easy to code even advanced algorithms. In addition, coding will make you self sufficient, it will teach you how to think, it improves your collaborative skills and it can take your career to new heights. Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of your peers and relevant in your field, overcome your fears and start coding!

This material starts with the basics of Python and continues to the advanced image processing by Python. Various Python libraries are introduced, and the instructor presents many practical examples using different image types. He (as a professional person in this field) devoted three years of his life to addressing problems/issues related to image processing.