Machine Learning Foundations and Machine Learning Techniques MOOC

I am fortunate to be among the very first NTU EECS professors to offer two Mandarin-teaching MOOCs (massive open online courses) on NTU@Coursera. The two MOOCs are Machine Learning Foundations (Mathematical, Algorithmic) and Machine Learning Techniques and are based on the textbook Learning from Data: A Short Course that I co-authored. The book is consistently among the best sellers in Machine Learning on Amazon.
The slides of the MOOCs below are available as is with no explicit or implied warranties. The slides themselves are shared by CC-BY-NC 3.0, but the copyright of all materials (figures in particular) remain with the original copyright holder (in almost all cases the authors of the Learning from Data: A Short Course book).

Give a preview of the machine learning and is very usedul when i conduct my research. Knowning the knowledge, technical words and basic theory helping me understanding some research work done by others.