i-Space: Student Project - 3D Modelling and VR Tour of a Green Park

During COVID-19 outbreak, people are staying at homes to lower the chance of infection. Having a long period lockdown, do you miss the moment you walk along a country park to enjoy a breath of fresh air? A student has developed a virtual Green Park with first-person view navigation, you can take a virtual walk and feel it by controlling the movement with a mouse and keyboard. This Park provides an auto-pilot feature, in which an i-Space cat will introduce the Park to you after selecting a self-guided tour function. Users can also fly a drone in the Park to experience a bird's eye view for the whole park.
The student uses 3D modeling software to create a virtual landscape of the Green Park and its 3D objects including plants, fountain, bench, direction board and buildings. These objects are openly accessible for download. You can import the objects into Unity software to create a unique and exquisite virtual park for your loved ones.