Distinguished lectures in humanities : on the military in the Qin and early Han : new evidence from excavated and recovered sources

In this lecture, Prof. Robin D.S. YATES will focus on a review of recent data concerning the military development of the Qin and early Han periods. This information is crucial as these empires were established through the use of armed force. The lecture aims to address several fundamental inquiries that have previously lacked sufficient evidence. For instance, it will explore the command structure of the Qin and early Han forces, the fate of soldiers in victorious Qin armies, the treatment of defeated enemy, the existence of resistance against the Qin conquerors, the deployment of weapons and other equipment, the different types of soldiers present, and the methods employed in treating their wounds.
Event date: 11/04/2024
Speaker: Prof. Robin D.S. YATES (McGill University)
Hosted by: Faculty of Humanities

  • 1:20:58