Distinguished lectures in humanities : AI, ethics and the humanities in the UK

This talk will survey the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), ethics, and the Humanities in the UK. It integrates insights from bibliometric analyses, interviews with various stakeholders, and reviews of existing research infrastructure and policies. The talk examines the current state of AI ethics research in the UK, identifying the contributions of the Arts and Humanities, the obstacles researchers face, and the potential impacts of their work. It also considers the international research environment and strategic investments made by other countries in AI and ethics, drawing comparisons with the UK's approach. Opportunities and threats are identified within the context of academia, public perception, and commerce, including the impacts of AI on diverse populations and industries. The talk will conclude by considering how the situation in the UK may compare with that in Hong Kong.
Event date: 30/04/2024
Speaker: Prof. Tony MCENERY (Lancaster University and Shanghai International Studies University)
Hosted by: Faculty of Humanities