3D4Medical is credited with transforming medical learning and practice around the world with its proprietary and ground-breaking 3D medical technology. This technology disrupts traditional methods of education by providing revolutionary applications that allow the educator, student, healthcare professional and patient to explore and experience medical education like never before, putting high-quality accessible 3D anatomical information at their fingertips. 3D4Medical has received many prestigious Apple awards, including a Design and Innovation Award, ‘Best of 2015’ and ‘Best of 2016’ and has featured on stage at both Apple and Microsoft Keynotes. 3D4Medical has also received the US-Ireland Research Innovation Award. 3D4Medical’s flagship platform, Complete Anatomy, is the world’s most advanced anatomy platform. In 2019, it achieved over 1.2 million registered users, and across its suite of apps 3D4Medical has had over 25 million downloads and regularly claims the title of #1 medical app on the app stores of Apple, Microsoft and Google in 160 countries. In 2019, 3D4Medical’s SaaS-based subscription business has grown with over 100K annual subscribers.

"It helps us locate the muscles and connective tissues on our body. It also shows the nerve and vascular vessels. It will give you a bigger picture of human anatomy which helps us to memorise them.* I can use the 3D anatomy platform to learn anatomy and have a clear view of what and where is the vessel, muscle, bone etc. Almost everyone will use it in our class. The app can have a complete and different view and cross-sectional view that facilitate our study.* Complete anatomy provides me with a detailed human anatomy model. This model allows me to observe human structure in different angles. And most importantly, it includes direct and clear explanations and details about major structures that commonly appear in tests and exams. In addition, other than the model, Complete anatomy also supports my study with the provision of some quizzes to consolidate my learning.* The application of functional anatomy allows me to discover different human body parts by myself. "

Complete Anatomy enables me to see different parts of structures in human thoroughly. The learning material can allow me to zoom to see different small parts of muscles, tendons, etc. This allows me to remember the name, functions and insertions of muscles. I think this will be beneficial to my study since my discipline requires me to know the actions of different parts of body.
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