Introduction to University Social Responsibility

The course describes the theoretical underpinnings of USR. It showcases some effective practices and activities carried out in institutions around the world. The course also promotes understanding of the USR concept, its implications, impacts, evaluation, possible implementation methods, and replicability. In doing so, it contributes to the expansion and consolidation of the USR movement. It provides a knowledge base for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs from the fundamentals of USR and some existing good practices.
No prior knowledge is required to join the course. This course is for you especially if you are an administrator, a professor, or a professional staff member interested in learning new creative ways from the experts' at the universities to address the needs of society including SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). If you are a government official or a foundation representative seeking ways to strengthen higher education, this course will help you explore future opportunities and directions.

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