Edabit programming

We're like Duolingo for learning to code. When learning to code, most people get stuck on the "bridge" between memorizing syntax and understanding the logic that makes it all work. We believe the most effective way to learn a programming language is to break the process into three phases:(1)Memorize syntax; (2) Solve problems; and (3) Make stuff. Most beginners jump from memorizing syntax directly into making stuff (or trying) without fully understanding how syntax is used to solve problems. In other words, they haven't learned how to think like a programmer, yet they're trying to solve problems like a programmer. Edabit was created to bridge this gap, while also making the process fun and addictive.

This website provide hundreds and more programming questions in different programming languages, such as Java, C, Python, etc. We can check the answer provided to evaluate our learning performance.
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