D.HTM distinguished lecture : The future of airport hubs in the presence of long haul low fare airline - the case of the Hong Kong International Airport

Air transport liberalisation has been marked by two major developments, i.e. the advent of the hub-and-spoke network and the emergence of Low Fare Airlines (LFAs). All major Full Service Network Carrier (FSNCs) have heavily relied on hub operations to effectively compete in the long-haul market against LFAs which until recently focused on point-to-point, short-haul services. Recent competiton dynamics, however, have led to the gradual blurring of the different airline business models. LFAs have now established strong bases in satellite/airports and/or in low-cost terminals of major airports. Moreover, they have introduced long-haul flights thus competing with FSNCs at a new level. The lecture will highlight all the above issues focusing on their strategic business and geopolitical implications for aiport hubs. It will also discuss how Hong Kong International Airport can build on its current advantages to play focal role in the new environment.
Event Date: 16/06/2017
Speaker: Prof. Andreas Papatheodorou (University of Aegean)
Hosted by: School of Hotel and Tourism Management

  • 1:15:13