Introduction to PolyU GenAI Platform (Teacher Session)

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Curious about integrating Generative AI (GenAI) into your teaching methodologies? Embark on a journey with EDC and ITS in a comprehensive workshop introducing the innovative GenAI platform. This session will guide you through the platform's operations, explaining its usage policies. During the workshop, we'll briefly discuss the need for redesigning our assessment strategies in sync with this advanced tool to optimise learning outcomes effectively. Even more importantly, we will discuss data security and privacy concerns surrounding GenAI usage. This workshop offers an unrivalled opportunity to expand your understanding and proficiency in using AI in an educational context. If you're prepared to explore the cutting edge of education technology, then this is the ideal workshop for you.
Event Date: 20/9/2023
Facilitator(s): Chan, Dick (EDC), Mark, Kai Pan (EDC), Tam, Barbara (EDC), Leung, Rian (ITS)