Graduate School distinguished speaker series : Safety : the challenge of ML-enabled cyber-physical systems (CPS)

Machine learning can deliver unprecedented performance. Its application domain has expanded into safety-critical cyber-physical systems such as UAVs and self-driver cars. However, the safety assurance of vehicular control has two conditions: 1) an analytical model of system behaviors such as provable stability, and 2) the software safety certification process (e.g., DO 178C) requires that the software be simple enough so that software safety can be validated by a combination of model checking and near exhaustive testing. Although ML software, as is, does not meet these two safety requirements, the real-time physics model supervised ML architecture holds the promise to 1) meet the two safety requirements and 2) enable ML software to safely improve control performance and safely learn from its experience in real-time. This talk will review the structure of the proposed architecture and some methods to embed physics into ML-enabled CPS control.
Event Date: 12/05/2022
Speaker: Prof. Lui Sha (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Hosted by: Graduate School