Virtuelle Fondation Monet

The House of Claude Monet , located in Giverny , Normandy (near Ile-de- France), for a virtual visit of the place as if you were there. The opportunity to discover the place where the author of the Water Lilies lived , before going there once the confinement ended and venturing into the famous gardens of the artist, immortalized in numerous works, spearheads of the impressionist movement. Claude Monet lived there between 1883 and 1926, or forty-three years. True passionate about gardening and colors, the artist conceived " his flower garden and his water garden like real works ". By walking in his garden and in his house, even virtually, you have the opportunity to always feel " the atmosphere that reigned in the master of impressionism " and to marvel "in front of the flower arrangements and in front of the water lilies who were his most fruitful sources of inspiration