Agent Based Modeling using AnyLogic Professional

Agent based modeling focuses on the individual active components of a system. This is in contrast to both the more abstract system dynamics approach, and the process-focused discrete event method. With agent based modeling, active entities, known as agents, must be identified and their behavior defined. They may be people, households, vehicles, equipment, products, or companies, whatever is relevant to the system. Connections between them are established, environmental variables set, and simulations run. The global dynamics of the system then emerge from the interactions of the many individual behaviors. AnyLogic combines professional discrete event, system dynamics, and agent based modeling in one platform for efficient, no compromise results. In our white paper, Multimethod Simulation Modeling for Business Applications, we investigate these three main simulation modeling approaches and construct a multimethod model example to illustrate the advantages of multimethod simulation modeling. Read the white paper and see why hybrid models are always a better choice!