i-Space: Student Project - VR Tour of the Library’s i-Space

3D Modelling and Virtual Reality Tour of the Library’s i-Space
A virtual reality tour was developed by a student that allows the user to navigate and explore the virtual Library’s i-Space (4/F North Wing) freely using a mouse and keyboard as playing a first-person shooter game. The student used 3DS MAX 3D modeling software to create a virtual space of i-Space and its 3D objects bit by bit including furniture, plants, laser printers, 3D printers and PCs video wall. Then, all these 3D objects are imported into Unity software to complete the VR game development. With his tremendous effort, user can get the first-person experience of the i-Space just like visiting in person and learn about what facilities provided in the Digital Makerspace. The web version of the virtual tour is available here: https://webapp.lib.polyu.edu.hk/ispaceVR/