PAIR seminar : urban environmental systems engineering for sustainable development : digital modelling and intelligent control

The seminar commenced with a welcome speech and speaker introduction by Prof. CHEN Qingyan, Director of the PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research (PAIR). In his presentation, Prof. Cao stated that urban environment engineering seeks to apply system engineering to solve complex urban problems. He highlighted that interdisciplinary research that combines scientific and mathematical approaches is crucial for understanding the mechanisms and laws concerning the complex interactions between humans and the ecological environment. Prof. Cao emphasised that the modelling of urban pollution involves a mix of techniques, including remote sensing, big data, computational simulation, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, digital twins, etc. He gave various project examples to explain how different techniques can be used for scientific monitoring, fast prediction, assessment and regulation of urban pollution. To conclude, Prof. Cao pointed out that advancements in urban environment modelling and intelligent control can build the scientific foundation for sustainable urban development.
Event date: 22/05/2024
Speaker: Prof. CAO Shi-Jie
Hosted by: PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research

  • 1:12:07
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