Shandong Cuisine Health Banquet - Jinan Inzone Royal Plaza Hotels | GreatCase100

Jinan Inzone Royal Plaza Hotels launched the Shandong Cuisine Health Banquet to cater to the health-conscious dining trends of middle and high-end business travelers. The banquet combines the health benefits of Shandong Cuisine with the philosophy of Confucianism. Promoted through industry experts and media, the banquet has gained attention and increased the hotel's visibility. However, the hotel faces challenges in maintaining its popularity amidst changing dining trends and may need to continuously introduce new dishes to adapt to market changes and customer needs.

  • - The accompanying PDF file includes background information, marketing strategy, outcomes and implications of the case study.
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  • - This video is made by Dr. Pearl Lin's project, "Great Case of Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." A special thanks to Jenny Yang, who provided information and insights for this video.