Leveraging strategies to address global communication challenges

With rapid globalization and proliferation of social media, businesses and organizations are in face of enormous communication challenges. How to communicate effectively on social media, how to manage social media data analysis as well as handling fake news are definitely at the top of the list.
By seeing challenge as opportunity, this course aims to unfold the communication challenges induced by the rise of social media in business corporations and most importantly, offer solutions to overcome these challenges. In addition, the course serves presents a vantage point to forge an interface of synergy between academics and practitioners to discuss and address global communication challenges. Participants can benefit from meaningful synergy between academics and practitioners as well as learning materials and meaningful multilateral discussions surrounding authentic communication cases and industrial practices engaging both instructors and participants. In sum, this course provides insights for business leaders, senior managerial members, and communication professionals by discussing the major communication challenges encountered by businesses around the world which in turn, helps the participants to advance their career in the ever-changing communication environment.

Study Level:
  • Video Transcript: English