A New Vision for Carrying the Traditional Culture Forward

The Palace Museum houses a collection of national treasures, which are not only rare and precious artworks, but also serve as vehicles for Chinese philosophy and culture. Since its establishment, the Palace Museum has taken preserving and carrying the Chinese cultural heritage forward as its core mission. In the past few decades, the Palace Museum has endeavoured to activate its collection and make the museum more connected and relevant to the world beyond the museum walls. As a bridge between the past and the present, China and the world, the Hong Kong Palace Museum is committed to the study and appreciation of Chinese art and culture. With a Hong Kong perspective and a global vision, the Museum interprets the Palace Museum’s collection and its culture and presents the essence of Chinese culture and values to a global audience, while advancing dialogue and mutual learning among world civilizations. In this PolyU 85th Anniversary Public Lecture, we are honored to have Dr Louis Ng Chi-wa, the first Director of Hong Kong Palace Museum, presents a public lecture, A New Vision for Carrying the Traditional Culture Forward. We sincerely invite you to embark on a journey exploring cultural heritage through the lecture.
Event Date: 22.10.2022

  • 1:30:20