PolyU 85th Anniversary Interview Series - Sir Gordon Wu

【PolyU 85th Anniversary Interview Series】 Dr Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung assumed Chairmanship of the PolyU Council in 1997. Under his leadership of over six years, Sir Gordon guided a number of key PolyU campus development projects. He valued the positive impact hostel life brought to students and took part in the design of the PolyU’s first student hostel located in Hung Hom Bay. In this video, you will learn about Sir Wu’s views regarding education and whole person development as well as his wise words for young people.
【理大八十五周年訪談系列】 胡應湘爵士1997年出任理大校董會主席,在任六年領導理大校園多項重要發展,更親自參與理大第一所位於紅磡灣學生宿舍的設計,非常重視宿舍生活對大學生的成長。想知道胡爵士對學生全人教育的看法以及對年輕人的勸勉?立即看片。