Assessment re-designs for the generative AI era

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Re-designing assessments within the context of generative AI is one of the most urgent challenges for universities. Might assessment re-design represent opportunities to build on key principles underpinning ‘good assessment’? Dependent on the disciplinary context, these might include iterative sequences of rich tasks; the development of student evaluative expertise; and linkages to real-world outcomes.
Effective assessment sequences are sometimes time-consuming. By reducing assessment overload, we can create much-needed space for new possibilities: increased authentic assessment; assessments that involve critical engagement with generative AI outputs; an enhanced role for digital and interactive oral assessment; teacher and student co-learning in partnerships for assessment re-design; and assessing process as well as product. The thorny issues of academic integrity and ethical use of generative AI also merit attention but should not distract from a primary focus on the development of student learning.
Generative AI raises exciting possibilities, yet there are few clear answers. In this workshop, complementary and alternative views, including those from different disciplinary perspectives will be welcomed.
Event Date: 22/8/2023
Speaker: Carless, David (Professor at the Faculty of Education, HKU)
Facilitator(s): Chen, Julia (EDC), Chon, Leo (EDC)