Distinguished lectures in humanities : language learning in humans and machines : two sides of the same coin

Psychology, Computer Science and Neuroscience have a history of shared questions and inter-related advances. Recently, new technology has enabled those fields to move from “toy” small-scale approaches to the study of language learning from raw sensory input and to do so at a large scale that constitutes daily life. The three primary goals of my research are 1) to quantify the statistical regularities in the real world, 2) to examine the underlying computational mechanisms operated on the statistical data, and 3) to apply the findings from basic science to real-world applications. In this talk, I will present several projects in my research lab to show that the advances in human learning and machine learning fields place us at the tipping point for powerful and consequential new insights into mechanisms of (and algorithms for) learning.

Event Date: 28/06/2023
Speaker: Prof. Chen YU (University of Texas at Austin)
Hosted by: Faculty of Humanities

  • 1:14:35