Design Guide for Steel-Concrete Composite Columns with High Strength Materials - An Extension of Eurocode 4 Method to C90/105 Concrete and S550 Steel

The design guide is written with practicing structural engineers in mind. It emphasises professional applications, placing great emphasis on ready-to-use materials. It contains formulas and tables that give immediate solutions to common questions and problems arising from practical work related to composite columns. The design guide also provides good detailing practices for typical joints between steelconcrete composite columns and other structural components. Guideline is provided to select matching concrete and steel grades for the design of high strength composite columns. Special considerations for fire resistance design, fabrication of high tensile steel sections, and preparation of high strength concrete are emphasized. This design guide will endow structural engineers with the confidence to use high strength materials in a safe and economic manner to design and construct high rise buildings.

This is a technical guide for steel-concrete composite structures with high-strength materials. There are existing design guidelines using normal-strength materials, but for high-strength materials there are very limited resources. As there is a rapid increase in use of high-strength steel and concrete, this guideline prepared by Building and Construction Authority Singapore will be of immense help to final year undergrads and post graduates studying composite structures.