Internationalisation at Home Part 2 (John Sager and Grace Ngai and Stephen Chan) (2021-02-18)

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Given recent events, it is no surprise that PolyU and other universities are starting to place greater emphasis on Internationalisation at Home (IaH) as a means of creating alternative opportunities for global engagement. With this in mind, the University has set aside Teaching Development Grant (TDG) seed money for each department to set up its own respective project. This series of sharing sessions will briefly juxtapose the difference between Internationalisation and IaH, provide a brief guideline of expectations in support of the project proposals, and feature valuable insights from key educators who have worked with overseas partners and developed their own strategies for broadening our students' horizons.
Event Date: 18/2/2021
Facilitator(s): Grace Ngai (SLLO), Stephen Chan (SLLO), John Sager (EDC)