"Socializing with Strangers + Active Sharing" - Camping Product Promotion | GreatCase100

The promotion of camping products with a focus on socializing and active sharing has proven successful in the camping market. The increasing popularity of camping can be attributed to the impact of the pandemic, upgraded consumer demands, media promotions, and policy support. By providing all-inclusive services, organizing engaging events, and facilitating photo sharing, camping sites have attracted customers and generated positive outcomes. Investments have been recovered, a new model site has been established, and financing has been secured for further expansion. However, the industry faces challenges in maintaining quality across camping sites and establishing industry standards. Continuous efforts are needed to improve the camping business and enhance its reputation.

  • - The accompanying PDF file includes background information, marketing strategy, outcomes and implications of the case study.
  • -This video is made by Dr. Pearl Lin's project, "Great Case of Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." A special thanks to Edon徐煜東, who provided information and insights for this video.
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