"Buy Air Tickets, Go to Fliggy" - Fliggy Xiaoshan International Airport Flash Sale during the May Holiday | GreatCase100

Fliggy's Xiaoshan International Airport flash promotion during the May 1st holiday offers travelers an exciting opportunity to book their flight tickets through the platform. As domestic airports make a rapid recovery after the pandemic, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport leads the growth in passenger traffic, with a 345% increase compared to the previous year's Spring Festival Golden Week. To enhance offline marketing efforts, Fliggy introduces a flash coffee shop at the airport, addressing the need for better user engagement in a physical setting. By offering complementary coffee to those purchasing tickets on the platform, Fliggy seamlessly integrates online and offline marketing, creating a memorable experience for travelers. Although there are challenges in customization and resource allocation, the event successfully boosts brand awareness and generates word-of-mouth through scene-based marketing.

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  • -This video is made by Dr. Pearl Lin's project, "Great Case of Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." A special thanks to Zhou Jika, who provided information and insights for this video.