Creating a New Cloud Room Experience - Marketing of the Chinese Traditional Style Rooms at Hyatt Regency Xuzhou | GreatCase100

Hyatt Regency Xuzhou successfully marketed their Chinese Traditional Style Rooms by tapping into the rising trend of Han culture and the popularity of Hanfu among Generation Z. The hotel launched a promotional package that included a one-night stay in a Han Dynasty-style room, Hanfu experience, and tickets to a local attraction. They implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, leveraging platforms like WeChat, TikTok, and Little Red Book, as well as collaborations with KOLs and KOCs. The promotions gained significant exposure and resulted in increased revenue and new customer acquisition. Ongoing adjustments are necessary to meet customer preferences and maximize the impact of different marketing channels.

  • - The accompanying PDF file includes background information, marketing strategy, outcomes and implications of the case study.
  • -This video is made by Dr. Pearl Lin's project, "Great Case of Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." A special thanks to Edward Wang, who provided information and insights for this video.
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