Marketing Strategy for Business Travelers during COVID-19 | GreatCase100

This case highlights a successful marketing strategy employed by a hotel in Hangzhou during the COVID-19 pandemic to attract business travelers. By conducting customer profiling and implementing promotional activities targeting the needs of the financial and consulting industries, the hotel achieved significant growth in room nights and bookings from the Boston Consulting Group. The strategy included offering additional benefits, promoting meeting facilities through the company's intranet, and providing personalized services to project team clients. The outcome was a 7.2-fold increase in production volume compared to the previous year. This case underscores the importance of timely market analysis, customization of promotional plans, and precise targeting to achieve successful marketing outcomes.

  • - The accompanying PDF file includes background information, marketing strategy, outcomes and implications of the case study.
  • - The video also hosted in Youku https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjAwMTY5NzE4NA==.html
  • -This video is made by Dr. Pearl Lin's project, "Great Case of Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." A special thanks to Bobby Wang, who provided information and insights for this video.